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My story started when I realized how much I wanted to help people and touch  lives.

The journey began when I graduated at Baskent University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. This provided me an excellent knowledge and skills in becoming a Nutritionist and Dietitian. I also had my trainings in research hospitals on clinical nutritional therapy in adult and childhood diseases and weight management.

After completing my degree, I began working for the conducted project by government and the ministry of health of Turkey which is ‘ fight against obesity’. I worked in weight management and ensured individual nutrition plan based on my client’s medical health assessments. I worked with national sport clubs and personal coaching centres to maximise national athletes’s performance. I also expressed a strong interest in nutritional therapy in autism spectrum disorder. I lead the nutrition service as a registered dietitian at Turk Autism Foundation to improve quality of life of disabled people.

It was a long journey and it enhanced my professional growth, having to work with many clients. Since then my career has taken me to UK. In my willingness to improve people’s quality of life I founded IDNutrition. The sole purpose was to offer an extensive health service. As a person who grasps the vital importance of my profession, adhering to moral principles of nutrition and dietetics is my utmost responsibility and the human health will be always my top priority. I want my clients to enjoy dieting since I believe this journey should make them feel better and not suffer. I am on the mission to ensure my clients change their lifestyle, improve their eating habits through nutrition counselling and education, and make life easier and healthier for them in the future.

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